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Executive Summary

This Information is from the United States Department of Labor

A Company who is having difficulty in securing local workers for their workforce needs must first apply to the U.S. Department of Labor for a "Labor Certification". This is to certifies that the employer is offering terms and conditions of employment that will not adversely affect similarly employed U.S. workers and that sufficient qualified U.S. workers are not available at the time.

The application may not be filed more than 120 days before the date workers are needed and must be filed at least 60 days before the date workers are needed. The employer and the State Labor Department will attempt to recruit local workers in the United States. When U.S. workers cannot be found, a labor certification for the job opportunities that remain unfilled will be issued to a company.

Once a company receives the labor certification, they may petition the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for H2B visas for alien workers. A company may ask for as many workers as they desire.

The employer must recruit the alien workers. When the company's petition is approved by the USDOHS, the aliens recruited by the company apply for visas to enter the United States at U.S. consulate abroad through an agent. Then the workers enter the U.S. at any port of entry. The Department of State issues visas at the consulate abroad. The workers travel to the company, and can only work in the specific job for which the company received certification. The H2B workers can only work for that company.

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