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We can direct you to a labor and visa specialist in the US to arrange all the necessary documents to be able to bring international workers on H2B visas.
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we can help you solve your summer or winter labor shortages, internationalize your workplace, or manage seasonal needs. We will take all of the nuisance out of finding the right international workers or Interns for your needs.

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Welcome to one of the most reliable and professional Seasonal International  Recruiting Networks,
Whether you are an adventurous person seeking a great seasonal job  in  the USA or a company in need of seasonal international employees we can  help.

JobsAbroadUSA has a  worldwide network of recruiters and agents that stand out among its competitors.  We have been doing business recruiting quality employees from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Costa Rica, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Belarus and France among others. We have helped hundreds of Companies to resolve their seasonal labor shortages by providing assistance in the labor certification process and by recruiting reliable international employees.



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